What we do


With over 60 years of advertising experience, working in mainline and healthcare agencies, we know every single 'system' that is employed by the global behemoths. We can deliver work that matches up to the best, under tight deadlines, and without attempting a military coup on your bank account.

Brand Planning and Development

Logo & Branding - Concept - Graphic design - Naming

Be it Direct Mail, brochures, leaflets, wall designs and signages inside and outside your premises, your brand should be seen and perceived by your customer the way they need to see it. And that is exactly what we do: understand your customers and their perceptions about your brand, then persuade them with messaging that helps carry your brand through to sale.

Corporate Communication

Analysis and planning - Strategy - E-mail marketing

Whatever you need to communicate within your organization, we have the expertise and the experience to deliver. We take it as seriously as we do everything else.

Lead Generation Campaigns

The potential fate of all email is spam. Such is life online. So we work idea and insight-based email campaigns that do what you need them to: generate leads, or touch base with your customers. We plan all things online like they need to be planned, then execute them like they should be. Every little kb of a web banner is crafted so they are noticed and clicked on.

Social Media Marketing

Everybody is on multiple social media platforms. Just like you. But how effective is your presence, really? We know how to create a presence tailored to a brand and their specific customers.

Web Development

As of 2020, there are 718.74 million active internet users (54.29% of the population), and most of them are on mobile devices. Your brand cannot afford to not be online. At brandarms, we craft your website to to be compelling, and ensure it does exactly what you need it to do.